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Although normal gait is often considered symmetrical in healthy populations, differences between limbs during walking suggest that limbs may be used preferentially for braking or propulsion. The purpose of this study was to evaluate kinematic and kinetic variables, at both rested state and following a two-stage treadmill fatiguing run, for asymmetry between(More)
In this paper, we report an attempt to utilize Electroencephalography (EEG) signals for judging the correctness of the performed perception-assist in an upper-limb power-assist exoskeleton. Although Electromyography (EMG) signals can be used for judgments, lack of change in EMG signals and the complexity of the upper-limb motions sometimes make it difficult(More)
Introduction Anatomical variations of human ribs have been well documented [1–3]. Common variations include asymmetric ribs, cervical or lumbar ribs, fusion of rib 1 and 2 and the absence of rib 1 [2, 3]. Unusual variants include fibrous tissue replacing costal cartilage, ribs bifurcated at the sternal insertion, two adjacent ribs articulating at their(More)
The neuronal response to hearing a subject's own name (SON) has been often investigated using event-related potential (ERP) or time-frequency analysis, but seldom by a combination of these methods. Using this combination of approaches would allow the relationship between memory processes engaged by SON and the neuronal responses to be studied in more(More)
Indoor environmental comfort has previously been quantified based on the subjective assessment of thermal physical parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and airflow velocity. However, the relationship of these parameters to brain activity remains poorly understood. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of airflow on brain activity(More)
Male spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) guard preimaginal quiescent females to reserve paternity. In a few species of Stigmaeopsis that make densely woven silky nests on the surface of host plants, mature males attack and even kill rivals to gain their rights to inseminate young females in the nest. Here we report that the adult males of Schizotetranychus(More)
Sever motor and intellectual disabilities (SMID) patients can't express their feelings with languages. That's why it is important to measure and analyze their brain activity. In this study, we tried to investigate the brain response to hearing subject's own name of healthy people and one patient with SMID by analyzing EEG. The results of time frequency(More)
This study examined population-specific allometric exponents to control for the effect of body mass (BM) on bench press, clean, and squat strength measures among Division I-A collegiate football athletes. One repetition maximum data were obtained from a university pre-season football strength assessment (bench press, n = 207; clean, n = 88; and squat n =(More)
Ankle braces and taping are commonly used to prevent ankle sprains and allow return to play following injury, however, it is unclear how passive restriction of joint motion may effect running gait kinematics and energy expenditure during exercise. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of different types of ankle supports on lower extremity(More)