Kaori Sugii

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The magnetic field-induced changes in the conductivity of metals are the subject of intense interest, both for revealing new phenomena and as a valuable tool for determining their Fermi surface. Here we report a hitherto unobserved magnetoresistive effect in ultra-clean layered metals, namely a negative longitudinal magnetoresistance that is capable of(More)
The current-voltage characteristics in the charge order state of the two-dimensional organic conductor α-(BEDT-TTF)(2)I(3) exhibit power law behavior at low temperatures. The power law is understood in terms of the electric-field-dependent potential between electrons and holes, which are thermally excited from the charge order state. The power law exponent(More)
A distinct thermal Hall signal is observed in a quantum spin liquid candidate Ba_{3}CuSb_{2}O_{9}. The transverse thermal conductivity shows a power-law temperature dependence below 50 K, where a spin gap opens. We suggest that because of the very low longitudinal thermal conductivity and the thermal Hall signals, a phonon Hall effect is induced by strong(More)
When quantum fluctuations destroy underlying long-range ordered states, novel quantum states emerge. Spin-liquid (SL) states of frustrated quantum antiferromagnets, in which highly correlated spins fluctuate down to very low temperatures, are prominent examples of such quantum states. SL states often exhibit exotic physical properties, but the precise(More)
To reduce the radiation dose from spiral (helical) CT, a custom-made aluminium filter was installed in the X-ray tube and a reduction of effective tube current was attempted. A pronounced reduction of effective tube current, namely, 6 and 3 mA, was achieved with 26 and 37 mm thick aluminium filters, respectively. Visualization of normal lung structure was(More)
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