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A mobile ad hoc network is an autonomous wireless network which consists of mobile nodes without any base stations. Many routing schemes and services have been proposed for mobile ad hoc networks. However, since these schemes tend to be evaluated through simulation experiments, it is not known whether they work effectively in real environments or not.(More)
In videoconferencing, which means a small group meeting, interactive distance learning and so on, there is a requirement to get required video at remote site freely and easily by local control of a remote camera. However, there is some delays between camera control operations at a remote site and actual video images displayed on a local screen. Delays are(More)
Video communication is being popular by spreading broadband networks. Realization of this kind of communications is important to deploy IPv6. However, many almost of commercial video conference systems do not work in IPv6 networks. We developed an application gateway called as "PTGATE" to extend available scenes of video conferences. PTGATE has three(More)
With rapid spread of virtualization technologies, Live migration which provides the ability to migrate a running virtual machine (VM) among physical hosts without interruption. Especially, Global Live Migration (GLM) which enables to migrate VM across the geographically-distributed Wide Area Networks (WANs) is an essential step towards development of the(More)
In this paper, we propose a vertical handover decision system for IP mobility communication and describe its implementation with existing IP mobility architecture. Our proposed handover decision tries to reflect that a specified communication quality such as VoIP takes a priority. In other words, the purpose of our proposal is to prefer the specified(More)
Digital signage, which is becoming more and more common, has the advantage of being able to display more contents dynamically, according to the time-of-day, the location and the environment where it is installed. However, the cost and amount of work required to produce these contents are becoming a significant barrier. Particularly in local regions such as(More)
VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is getting popular on Internet. VRML version 2.0 provides the functions of changing the scenes. Advanced applications of VRML version 2.0 are multi-user spaces. We can be aware of each other in the multi-user spaces. Real time data make 3D CG (Computer Graphics) spaces much richer worlds. However, current style(More)
An IP multicasting can provides an efficient method to distribute contents to multiple destinations, and it can be used on a wireless environment with a deployment of an IP network. Since the IP multicasting on wireless network based on CSMA/CA protocol does not support RTS/CTS procedure, it may cause bursty packet losses due to collisions. In this paper,(More)