Kaori Knights

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Serratia marcescens is a gram-negative environmental bacterium and opportunistic pathogen. S. marcescens expresses prodigiosin, a bright red and cell-associated pigment which has no known biological function for producing cells. We present here a kinetic model relating cell, ATP, and prodigiosin concentration changes for S. marcescens during cultivation in(More)
A study of triplet-triplet exciton annihilation and nonradiative decay in films of iridium(III)-centered phosphorescent dendrimers is reported. The average separation of the chromophore was tuned by the molecular structure and also by blending with a host material. It was found that triplet exciton hopping is controlled by electron exchange interactions and(More)
A new polymer-supported chromium porphyrin has been prepared and fully characterised; its catalytic activity and recyclability were investigated for the ring-opening copolymerisation of 1,2-cyclohexene oxide (CHO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
We study the influence of the film thickness on the time-resolved phosphorescence and the luminescence quantum yield of fac-tris(2-phenylpyridyl)iridium(iii) [Ir(ppy)3]-cored dendrimers deposited on dielectric substrates. A correlation is observed between the surface quenching velocity and the quenching rate by intermolecular interactions in the bulk film,(More)
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