Kaori Kamata

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Anisotropy in the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energies above 10 17 eV is studied using data from the Akeno 20 km 2 array and the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (AGASA), using a total of about 114,000 showers observed over 11 years. In the first harmonic analysis, we have found strong anisotropy of ∼ 4% around 10 18 eV, corresponding to a chance(More)
Microstructures in nature are ultrafine and ordered in biological roles, which have attracted material scientists. Spirulina forms three-dimensional helical microstructure, one of remarkable features in nature beyond our current processing technology such as lithography in terms of mass-productivity and structural multiplicity. Spirulina varies its(More)
To determine the superconducting gap function of YNi2B2C, the c-axis thermal conductivity kappa(zz) was measured in H rotated in various directions. The angular variation of kappa(zz) in H rotated within the ab plane shows a peculiar fourfold oscillation with narrow cusps. The amplitude of this fourfold oscillation becomes very small when H is rotated(More)
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