Kaori Fujishiro

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Immigrants have a different social context from those who stay in their home country or those who were born to the country that immigrants now live. Cultural theory of risk perception suggests that social context influences one's interpretation of questionnaire items. We examined psychometric properties of job control and job demand scales with US- and(More)
Evidence of the link between job strain and cortisol levels has been inconsistent. This could be due to failure to account for cortisol variability leading to underestimated standard errors. Our objective was to model the relationship between job strain and the whole cortisol curve, accounting for sources of cortisol variability. Our functional mixed-model(More)
This study aims to identify person-level factors, rather than economic situations, that influence migration decision-making and actual migration. Building on the theory of planned behavior, this study investigated potential migrants' expectations and attitudes toward migration and career (i.e., anticipated job benefits of migration, career aspiration) as(More)
OBJECTIVE The relationship between job strain and weight gain has been unclear, especially for women. Using data from over 52,000 working women, we compare the association between change in job strain and change in body mass index (BMI) across different levels of baseline BMI. SUBJECTS/METHODS We used data from participants in the Nurses' Health Study II(More)
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