Kaori Fujimura

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Screening and identification of phytotoxic volatile compounds were performed using 71 medicinal plant species to find new natural compounds, and the characterization of the promising compound was investigated to understand the mode of action. The volatile compounds from Asarum sieboldii Miq. showed the strongest inhibitory effect on the hypocotyl growth of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate changes in volume and the CT attenuation value of the pulmonary lobes and peripheral small lung tissue at full inspiration and expiration. MATERIALS AND METHODS We designated (1000+CT insp)/(1000+CT exp)(1000+CT insp)/(1000+CT exp) as CT volume ratio, a new parameter to represent volume changes in lung tissue, and V insp/V exp as(More)
People's lifestyle habits, such as physical activities and food choice, must change to prevent the incident rate of metabolic syndrome from increasing. However, changing a lifestyle habit requires continued effort. Our previous six-month trial with a networked health guidance system showed that people could continue their efforts if they had a health(More)
INTRODUCTION We performed a comparative study of a health education programme that was delivered either through one-way communication with printed media, or through interactive videophone interviews. We aimed to ascertain which mode of counselling, when used in combination with telemonitoring, is more effective at lifestyle modification intended to improve(More)
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