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j indexes individuals of the sample: j = 1,2, · · · , n m = number of putative QTL yj = phenotypic value of individual j μ = model mean ak = marginal effect of putative QTL k xjk = genotype indicator of putative QTL k (unobserved but inferred from flanking marker data) bjkl = epistatic effect between putative QTL k and l {pairs} = subset of QTL pairs with(More)
A chimeric enzyme (GST121) of the human alpha-glutathione S-transferases GST1-1 and GST2-2, which has improved catalytic efficiency and thermostability from its wild-type parent proteins, has been crystallized in a space group that is isomorphous with that reported for crystals of GST1-1. However, a single-site (G82R) mutant of GST121, which exhibits a(More)
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