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This brief presents a reconfigurable VLSI architecture which is designed for multi-transform codec in several video coding standards of MPEG-2/4, VC-1, H.264/AVC and AVS. The reconfigurable multiple constant multiplication algorithm with two fusing strategies is provided to generate constant multipliers in the matrix calculation blocks. Additionally,(More)
Remote ischemic perconditioning (RIPer) has been proved to provide potent cardioprotection. However, there are few studies on neuroprotection of RIPer. This study aims to clarify the neuroprotective effect of RIPer and the role of autophagy induced by RIPer against cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats. Using a transient middle cerebral artery(More)
Stanniocalcin-1 (STC1) is a secreted glycoprotein hormone and highly expressed in various types of human malignancies. Although evidence points to the role of STC1 in human cancers, the clinical significance of STC1 expression in glioma has not been established. Here, we investigated the relationship between STC1 expression and clinicopathological(More)
One memory-logic-integration design platform is developed in this paper with thermal reliability analysis provided for 2.5D through-silicon-interposer (TSI) and 3D through-silicon-via (TSV) based integrations. Temperature-dependent delay and power models have been developed at microarchitecture level for 2.5D and 3D integrations of many-core microprocessors(More)
Space-time multiplexing is utilized for demand-supply matching between many-core microprocessors and power converters. Adaptive clustering is developed to classify cores by similar power level in space and similar power behavior in time. In each power management cycle, minimum number of power converters are allocated for space-time multiplexed matching,(More)
A 3D reconfigurable power switch network is introduced to optimally provide demand-supply matching between on-chip multi-output power converters and many-core microprocessors. For effective DVFS power management of many cores by area-efficient on-chip power converters, the reconfigurable power switch network supports space and time multiplexed access(More)