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To find the optimal dosage of cyclopentolate 1% for cycloplegic refraction in hypermetropes with brown irides, we investigated the difference in cycloplegic auto-refractions obtained after one, two, and three instillations in the same patient. The mean hypermetropia found after three instillations was statistically significantly more compared to that found(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain the incidence, identify risk factors and calculate cumulative effect of risk factors in patients developing glaucoma following optical penetrating keratoplasty. MATERIALS AND METHODS We carried out retrospective analysis of 445 patients, those underwent optical PK and had a minimum follow up of 6 m. Data on post-operative intra-ocular(More)
A 65-year-old male presented with decreased vision in the left eye of 15-day duration after having undergone an uneventful cataract surgery 10 months back. He had been previously treated with systemic steroids for recurrent uveitis postoperatively on three occasions in the same eye. B-scan ultrasonography showed multiple clumplike echoes suggestive of(More)
A 50-year-old male was referred with a previous history of conjunctival flap (CF) for a nonhealing fungal corneal ulcer with extreme corneal thinning in the right eye. The peritomy for the CF extended from 6:30 to 9:30 clock h on the cornea. The CF was disengaged, peritomy area deepithelialized, and CF was repositioned. He later underwent penetrating(More)
The authors report acyclovir-induced alopecia in a patient treated for herpetic keratouveitis. A 32-years-old female was diagnosed with herpetic keratouveitis. She was placed on prednisolone acetate (1%) suspension four times a day, atropine sulfate (1%) thrice a day, and oral acyclovir 400 mg twice-daily. Three weeks following oral acylovir, keratouveitis(More)
Spectacles are routinely prescribed by the ophthalmologist and dispensed by the opticians. We investigated how frequently the spectacles are not dispensed as prescribed and whether the frequency of inaccurate spectacles would decrease if the patients, at the time of collecting spectacles, ask the optician to verify that the spectacles have been dispensed(More)
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