Kanwar Jit Singh Panesar

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Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula is now a clinical rarity due to improvements in the treatment of biliary tract diseases. This case report describes a 67-year-old woman in whom subcutaneous herniation of a pathologically dilated gall-bladder was followed by spontaneous discharge of pus and mucus with formation of a cholecystocutaneous fistula. The(More)
Pulmonary oat cell carcinoma was first described in 1926 and constitutes around 25% of lung malignancy.' Dugoid et al reported the first case of extrapulmonary oat cell carcinoma, without any bronchial involvement, in 1930.2 Primary extrapulmonary oat cell tumours have since been reported originating from different organs except the liver and the central(More)
CASE HISTORY A previously healthy 23-year-old primigravida at 35 weeks' gestation presented with ante-partum haemorrhage and evidence of placental abruptio on ultrasound scanning. Emergency Caesarean section was performed via a Pfannenstiel incision, and a healthy baby was delivered in good condition. The obstetrician noticed that the peritoneal cavity(More)
A trichobezoar is an infrequent occurrence and like most other gastrointestinal foreign bodies tends to occur in the stomach and duodenum. The Rapunzel syndrome is a rare form of bezoar that extends into the small, and sometimes the large, bowel. We describe the fourth reported case of this syndrome, with other unusual features. CASE HISTORY A five-year-old(More)
A metastatic deposit from renal cell carcinoma into the jejunal wall is a rare phenomenon. Among the frequent modes of presentation, bleeding, obstruction and unexplained anaemia are commonly seen. In addition to the conventional contrast studies and computerized tomography (CT), Capsule endoscopy is a useful diagnostic tool. Factors responsible for(More)
In many centres laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become the procedure of choice for symptomatic gallbladder stones. By comparison with conventional cholecystectomy it appears to be associated with minimal morbidity, shorter hospital stay, earlier return to work and a better cosmetic result. The present study reviews the results of the first 50 laparoscopic(More)
Persistent enterocutaneous fistulae are associated with high morbidity and mortality and are surgically challenging to repair. Anti-TNF alpha antibody (Infliximab) promotes healing of fistulae associated with active inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We report three patients with persistent fistulae, not associated with IBD that healed following single(More)
Oesophageal rupture in pregnancy is extremely rare. Kennard I described the post-mortem findings of a ruptured oesophagus in a 37-year-old primigravida who suddenly collapsed and died shortly after a forceps delivery. The labour had been prolonged and the patient had earlier complained of dyspnoea but no chest pain. Henry2 reported a case of spontaneous(More)
In the contemporary practice, surgery is the only potentially curative treatment available for gastric cancer. However, there is no consensus on the extent of surgical resection. Advantages of D2 gastrectomy in terms of morbidity, mortality, local recurrence and survival are confirmed in Japanese as well as some European trials. In our hospital, all(More)