Kanuparthy Pandu Ranga Vittal

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Controlled study was conducted with five farm-based organic residues to predict the expected nitrogen availability with time, based on N concentration and C/N ratio of the residues under two moisture availability situations. Two kg of red loamy sand soil representing Alfisol and related soil was incubated with the residues to supply 40 kg N ha−1 at 28 ± 1°C(More)
High level penetration of Distribution Generation causes several impacts on distribution system. One such impact is distribution feeder protection. Modeling of distribution feeder protective devices like reclosers and sectionalizers will help in thorough understanding of the dynamic behavior of the protective system with DG. This paper discusses the(More)
A diverse group of bacteria colonize the exo- and endo-rhizospheres of sorghum and play a critical role in its tolerance to drought and other abiotic stresses. Two hundred and eighty endophytic bacteria were isolated from the surface-sterilized roots of four sorghum cultivars that were grown on three soil types at three different phenological stages of(More)
This paper presents a review on recent developments in BLDC motor controllers and studies on four quadrant operation of BLDC drive along with active PFC. The main areas reviewed include Sensor-less control, Direct Torque Control (DTC), Fuzzy logic control, controller for four quadrant operation and active Power Factor Corrected (PFC) converter fed BLDC(More)
A 8.93 ha graded agricultural watershed was developed with a 0.4% slope of cultivation line farming. Within this agricultural watershed, 6 ponds, each with a volume of about 180 m3, were dug for an average catchment size of 0.91 ha which was referred to as a small watershed. This attempt to store water is the first of its kind in this region at this scale(More)
dq components of currents are extensively used in the controller applications of industrial drives as they are dc quantities. In this paper, it is shown that these components will no longer remain as dc quantities, if they are extracted from the induction motor suffering from mixed air gap eccentricity. A dynamic model of an induction motor suffering from(More)
Drought stress, uncertain and variable rainfall, low soil quality and nutrient deficiencies are among principal constraints for enhancing and sustaining agronomic productivity in rainfed farming in semiarid tropical regions of India. Therefore, long-term (1985–2004) effects of cropping, fertilization, manuring (groundnut shells, GNS; farmyard manure, FYM)(More)
A technique for measuring root activity of agricultural crops in totality in situ under field conditions has been developed for the first time. The method essentially consists of measuring the activity emanating from roots after plant injection of a gamma radiating isotope using a probe. This also helps continuous monitoring of root growth changes over time.
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