Kanu Patel

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BACKGROUND Argonaute (AGO) proteins bind to small-interfering (si)RNAs and micro (mi)RNAs to target RNA silencing against viruses, transgenes and in regulation of mRNAs. Plants encode multiple AGO proteins but, in Arabidopsis, only AGO1 is known to have an antiviral role. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS To uncover the roles of specific AGOs in limiting(More)
  • Kanu Patel, Vatsal Shah, Assistant Professor, I T Department, B V M Engineering College
  • 2013
Association rule mining and classification are two major task of data mining. I propose a method for classification rules from single-label dataset using association rule analysis Finding association rule from dataset we have to apply various algorithms like Apriori, Fp-Growth, etc. I proposed Apriori algorithm for finding association rule from dataset. The(More)
— In the current environment of the modern world, telecommunication has been highly integrated into our everyday life through their vivid use in speech communication, speech and speaker recognition, aid devices for the hearing impaired and numerous other applications. Speech is a fundamental means of human communication. In the last several decades, much(More)
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