Kantilal Rane

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RFID technology is most widely used technology but due to some challenges this technology cannot be market acceptable. Also it is most suitable technology for indoor positioning because other tracing systems such as GPS cannot be used for indoor positioning since it does not get signal from satellites. In this paper we have implemented a system which(More)
This paper summarizes work on the designing and application of GPS (Global positioning system) based technology clubbed with GSM (Global system for mobile communication) for Bus stand monitoring & control provided for public transportation. This system has been categorized into two modules: 'In-Bus module, Bus-stand module. The control panel at the bus side(More)
Creating Mosaic-video is still a relatively new pursuit. It is also useful inside virtual reality environments, computer game settings, movie special effects and region of interest tracking. Immersive teleconferencing is another application that is being developed using mosaic-video. Many mosaic-video creation techniques are proposed by the researchers but(More)
The goal of this paper is to review the past work of vehicle tracking, monitoring and alerting system, to categorize various methodologies and identify new trends. Vehicle tracking, monitoring and alerting system is challenging problem. There are various challenges encounter in vehicle tracking, monitoring and alerting due to deficiency in proper real time(More)
Mosaic is an area of art, where small pieces of glass are assembled in a systematic way to get a decorative image. Glasses of different colors are used in mosaic art. In Digital image processing, image mosaicing is the technique of assembling multiple pieces of images to get the combined image. This can be applied on document image or on general image. It(More)
Microscopy has enormous applications in both medical and non-medical fields. This has gained interest of many researchers in the field of digital image processing to develop algorithms and applications helping in improving their observation and analysis. Here, novel method called ‘μMosaicing’ (read as Micro-Mosaicing) is introduced to create mosaics of(More)
Climate observing has critical influence on mankind. Gathering of the various data of fleeting elements of the climate variations is extremely noteworthy. The essential point of this paper is to build up an installed framework to outline a climate observing framework which empowers the checking of climate parameters. This type of frame work includes various(More)
Today people are facing more problems about security in all over world, nowadays security is the most essential issue everywhere in the world; so security of everything gains higher and higher importance in recent years. Here in this paper, trying to reproduce the comprehensive literature study related to the various door locks and gate security systems(More)
Multi-Robot coordination for task allocation has been widely studied topic in the literature. A robot team can accomplish a given task more quickly than a single robot can by dividing the task into sub-tasks and executing them concurrently in application domains where the tasks can be decomposed. It leads to effective coverage of a large area. The principle(More)
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