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2 Mil'shtein publishes papers in international conferences Tran wins best teacher award 2 3 Congratulations! Dr. Sohan Purohit will join Intel! Ambarish Roy is graduating! One of Professor Ziyad Salameh's many published papers was recognized as a " Sleeping Beauty " by the January 2011 issue of Research Trend, a newsletter providing objective, up-to-minute(More)
Stacked Crystal Filters (SCFs) are used in Bandpass filters and other applications where frequency control is required. SCFs use the Solidly Mounted Resonator (SMR) structure to enable operations at RF frequencies, typically 1–5 GHz. In the response spectrum of the SCFs, besides the main resonance mode, there are some unwanted additional modes(More)
This paper presents a new approach for extracting a scalable DC HEMT model. Scaling rules with unknown coefficients are assumed for each size dependent parameter, and the model parameter of different devices is thus correlated. A scalable model can then be extracted by multi-device optimization. The optimization is carried out on five devices with different(More)
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