Kanteera Soontharapirakkul

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Aphanothece halophytica is a halotolerant alkaliphilic cyanobacterium that can grow in media of up to 3.0 m NaCl and pH 11. Here, we show that in addition to a typical H(+)-ATP synthase, Aphanothece halophytica contains a putative F(1)F(0)-type Na(+)-ATP synthase (ApNa(+)-ATPase) operon (ApNa(+)-atp). The operon consists of nine genes organized in the order(More)
When cells are exposed to high salinity conditions, they develop a mechanism to extrude excess Na+ from cells to maintain the cytoplasmic Na+ concentration. Until now, the ATPase involved in Na+ transport in cyanobacteria has not been characterized. Here, the characterization of ATPase and its role in Na+ transport of alkaliphilic halotolerant Aphanothece(More)
The activity of Na+/H+ exchanger to remove toxic Na+ is important for growth of organisms under high salinity. In this study, the halotolerant cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophytica was shown to possess Na+/H+ exchange activity since exogenously added Na+ could dissipate a pre-formed pH gradient, and decrease extracellular pH. Kinetic analysis yielded(More)
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