Kanokvate Tungpimolrut

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The system of this study is aimed to support doctors with an analyzed Cardiac auscultation. Extract the information from the heart sound signal obtained from stethoscope mobbed on the robot arm control is used in the further signal processing. Due to time consuming and accuracy, Support Vector Machine is introduced to replace Neural Network for better(More)
BACKGROUND A new framework for heart sound analysis is proposed. One of the most difficult processes in heart sound analysis is segmentation, due to interference form murmurs. METHOD Equal number of cardiac cycles were extracted from heart sounds with different heart rates using information from envelopes of autocorrelation functions without the need to(More)
This paper proposes a novel decision system that can distinguish the following five phases of a normal gait cycle in real-time - stance, heel-off, swing 1, swing 2, and heel-strike - by using a smart shoe. This decision system employs four sensors to evaluate forces exerted by a foot on the shoe insole during ambulation and a gyroscope, attached at the back(More)
In order to produce high-efficiency motors at relatively low production costs, a layered block is made from amorphous iron sheets. From the block, stator and rotor cores of a test switched reluctance motor (SRM) are fabricated. The experimental results of the test machine are compared to another test machine made from low iron loss silicon steel type 35A300(More)
Key factors limiting the greater use of linear motors are motor cost and complexity of controls. This paper develops an adaptive sliding-mode position control of a coupled-phase linear variable reluctance (LVR) motor for high-precision applications. With several distinct features, the LVR motor can be considered a strong candidate for high-performance(More)
The objective of this paper is to design and implement a direct-drive position control based on a simplified sinusoidal flux model for a linear variable reluctance motor. The motor under consideration is a three-phase linear motor with strong magnetic coupling between phases that has the advantages of simple structures, compactness and low cost with no(More)
Musical murmur, a typical occurrence of heart sound, frequently found in the pediatric population reflects no harm compared to murmur. 8 out of 10 children are then by nature prone to this physiological phenomenon. Correctly distinguishing musical murmur from pathological one is a critical assessment to avoid unnecessary treatment at vain cost disbursement(More)
In order to achieve higher efficiency with relatively simple and low production cost, a layered block is made from the amorphous iron sheets. The iron block is used for the stator and rotor cores of a switched reluctance motor. The experimental results of the test machine are compared to another machine, which is made of low iron loss silicon steel having(More)
This research proposes a method to eliminate friction effect and reduced tracking error on CNC milling machines. A CNC milling machine has many connected mechanical components which have friction effects such as ball screws and rails. To control servo motors which are used to drive X-Y table in CNC milling machine, the conventional PID controller is widely(More)
This paper addresses the stability and performance of adaptive control in robotic manipulators, which represents an important and unique class of nonlinear, time-varying, multi-input multi-output dynamic systems. An adaptive control was developed to attenuate the effect of the unknown parameter. This paper, after summarizing the mechanical design and(More)