Kanokvate Tungpimolrut

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BACKGROUND A new framework for heart sound analysis is proposed. One of the most difficult processes in heart sound analysis is segmentation, due to interference form murmurs. METHOD Equal number of cardiac cycles were extracted from heart sounds with different heart rates using information from envelopes of autocorrelation functions without the need to(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for modelling magneto-rheological (MR) dampers. It uses an elementary hysteresis model (EHM) with a feed-forward neural network (FNN) to capture hysteresis characteristics of an MR damper, and another FNN to determine the current gain. These parts can be trained separately, thus reducing the size of the training dataset.(More)
—In this paper, the characteristic of the piezoelectric material, Macro Fiber Composites (MFC), has been investigated by comparison between the electrical equivalent circuit based simulation and the experimental result. The operational factors such as internal impedance and frequency which affect the maximum power output of the piezoelectric are(More)
In this paper, a design of a head controller and an adapting unit for interfacing with a power wheelchair is presented. The proposed controller is based on a servo mechanism of stepper motors, which provide motion in the x- and y-axis to actuate a modified joystick-controlled power wheelchair. The technical design aspects of the proposed head controller,(More)
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