Kanok Hournkumnuard

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PURPOSE The targeting of ferromagnetic drug carrier nanoparticles (DCNPs) by dilute microferromagnetic wires implanted within blood vessels and subjected to an externally applied uniform magnetic field of 0.1-0.8 T was evaluated to determine their effectiveness in increasing the concentration of the DCNPs around the target wires. METHODS The transport of(More)
The transport of weakly magnetic nanoparticles, dispersed in an irrotational flow of inviscid fluid, in the region of high gradient magnetic fieldis simulated by a parallel algorithm developed based on OpenMP. The high gradient magnetic field here is produced by applying the background uniform magnetic field perpendicular to axes of parallel ferromagnetic(More)
A parallel algorithm for simulating concentration distribution of nano-carriers in a capillary is developed by using the combination of OpenMP and MPI. The transport of the carriers under the influences of diffusion, blood flow and magnetic driving force is investigated in two dimensions on a plane that symmetrically slices through the capillary diameter(More)
The process of high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) using a microferromagnetic wire for capturing weakly magnetic nanoparticles in the irrotational flow of inviscid fluid is simulated by using parallel algorithm developed based on openMP. The two-dimensional problem of particle transport under the influences of magnetic force and fluid flow is(More)
The concentrating of weakly magnetic nanoparticles dispersed in a fluid by using high gradient magnetic field is simulated based on a parallel algorithm running on GPUs. The algorithm can support varying thread size per block. In our model, the high gradient magnetic field is produced by placing cylindrical wires traversely to a background uniform magnetic(More)
We present a parallel algorithm for the simulation of mass transfer of weakly-magnetic nanoparticles in high gradient magnetic separation. The transport phenomena of weakly-magnetic nanoparticles in regions around a ferromagnetic long cylindrical wire in static fluid is considered. The normalized continuity equations describing the dynamics of particle(More)
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