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Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with exposure of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) to Neospora caninum in northeast Thailand.
Water buffalo are important draft animals for agriculture in resource-restricted areas worldwide. Water buffalo were shown to be experimentally susceptible to infection with Neospora caninum,Expand
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Role of cell death ligand and receptor system on regulation of follicular atresia in pig ovaries.
Several hundred thousand primordial follicles are present in the mammalian ovary, however, only a limited number develop to the pre-ovulatory stage, and then finally ovulate. The others, more thanExpand
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Molecular detection of Cryptosporidium spp. infections in water buffaloes from northeast Thailand
The objectives of this study were to determine the individual and herd-level prevalence and genotype of Cryptosporidium and to identify putative risk factors associated with Cryptosporidium spp.Expand
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Prevalence and genetic diversity of Anaplasma marginale infections in water buffaloes in Northeast Thailand
ovine anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasma spp. is normally found in tropical and subtropical regions. Anaplasmosis poses important problems for animal health in Thailand since this major tickborneExpand
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Bid and Bax are involved in granulosa cell apoptosis during follicular atresia in porcine ovaries.
More than 99% of follicles undergo "atresia" during follicular development and growth. Follicular atresia is predominantly regulated by granulosa cell apoptosis. However, the intracellular signalingExpand
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Delayed Deproteinization Causes Methodological Errors in Amino Acid Levels in Plasma Stored at Room Temperature or -20°C
Deproteinization has been recognized as a prerequisite for amino acid analysis of plasma samples. For plasma stored at room temperature, delaying deproteinization for 30, 60 or 120 minutes did notExpand
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Changes in the expression of decoy receptor 3 in granulosa cells during follicular atresia in porcine ovaries.
During follicular development in mammalian ovaries, the majority of follicles undergo atresia. One of the characteristics of this process is apoptotic cell death in granulosa cells. Several deathExpand
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Dispositions of enrofloxacin and its major metabolite ciprofloxacin in Thai swamp buffaloes
Given the limited information available in this species, the aim of this study was to investigate the pharmacokinetic characteristics of enrofloxacin (ER) and its major metabolite ciprofloxacin (CP)Expand
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The effect of naringenin on the fate and disposition of deoxynivalenol in piglets.
This research was conducted to evaluate the effect of naringenin (NAG) on fate and dispositions of deoxynivalenol (DON) in piglets following intravenous (i.v.) administration. Three piglets (Group 1)Expand
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Serological Survey of Leptospirosis in Thai Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand
The study aimed to investigate the seroprevalence of Leptospira infection in swamp buffalo in Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand. Blood samples were collected from 206 swamp buffalo. The microscopicExpand
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