Kannan Sundarajan

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Indigenous plants are used as a traditional source of raw materials for the manufacture of medicines. Modernizing the ancient art of herbal medicine bequeathed from generations entails addressing two interrelated issues i.e. efficacy, and safety prior to their acceptance and use worldwide. The present study was designed to investigate three of our(More)
Andrographis paniculata is used in the traditional medicine for cold and influenza remedy. The main endeavor in this study was to assess the genotoxicity of the standardized extract of A. paniculata (KalmCold) through three different in vitro tests: Ames, chromosome aberration (CA), and micronucleus (MN). Ames test was performed at 5000 microg/ml, 1581(More)
BACKGROUND While curcuminoids have been reported to possess diverse biological activities, the anti-inflammatory activity of polar extracts (devoid of curcuminoids) of Curcuma longa (C. longa) has seldom been studied. In this study, we have investigated immune-stimulatory and anti-inflammatory activities of an aqueous based extract of C. longa (NR-INF-02)(More)
Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. (licorice) is widespread throughout the Mediterranean region and certain areas of Asia. Historically, the dried rhizome and root of the plant were used by the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, and Roman civilizations as expectorant and carminative. In the modern medicinal system, licorice is used to treat liver ailments, dyspepsia,(More)
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