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Motivation MNCs are increasingly leveraging emerging markets to develop innovative capabilities • Leverage low-cost labor to reduce costs of ownership reduce costs of ownership • Tap into a more skilled/specialized labor pool • Develop products for fast growing regional markets
Today's, Domain Driven Data Mining (D 3 M for short) generally targets Actionable Knowledge Discovery (AKD for short) in complex domain problems of large databases with quality engineering research field. D 3 M generates the business impacts and solves business problems and the results brunt with the complex context in a kind of artwork. The application of(More)
The reach and impact of outsourcing is growing fast to include a variety of strategic objectives. Unlike in transactional outsourcing, where the vendor leverages scale economies to provide standardized services at reduced costs of ownership, client satisfaction in strategic outsourcing is contingent on the extent to which the vendor' service offering is(More)
A Working Paper is the author's intellectual property. It is intended as a means to promote research to interested readers. Its content should not be copied or hosted on any server without written permission from publications.fb@insead.edu Find more INSEAD papers at Abstract To examine what, if any, are the differences in how activities are coordinated(More)
A Type 1 change overwrites an existing dimensional attribute with new information. In the customer name-change example, the new name overwrites the old name, and the value for the old version is lost. A Type One change updates only the attribute, doesn't insert new records, and affects no keys. The new incoming record (changed/modified data set) replaces(More)
This paper investigates under what conditions knowledge available to team members leads to positive performance outcomes. We surmise that mutual knowledge that enables the team members to coordinate their work efforts is beneficial for team performance up to a limit after which excess mutual knowledge causes a decline in performance. We further suggest that(More)
Application of parallel manipulator has received a lot of attention recently in the industry and the robotic community due to its high accuracy, high rigidity, high operation speed, high load capacity and high stiffness as compared with the conventional serial manipulator. One of the most popular parallel manipulators that are commonly used for aircraft(More)
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