Kannan Mahadevan

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It is well recognised that the consumption of seaweed isolates (such as alginate) successfully reduce energy intake and modulate glycaemic and cholesterolaemic responses. However, to date, the effect of adding whole seaweed to bread has not been widely investigated. Hence, this study aims to investigate the acceptability of Ascophyllum nodosum enriched(More)
AIM To determine the cellular profile and cytokine levels in the tear fluid of fungal keratitis patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Tear samples were collected from six fungal keratitis patients (Group I) from active stages of the disease up to resolution. Tears collected from the following served as controls: uninfected fellow eye (Group II A) of Group I,(More)
PURPOSE To identify risk factors at diagnosis that can serve as prognostic indicators of primary treatment failure in cases of fungal keratitis. DESIGN Prospective, nonrandomized, interventional, comparative study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 115 consecutive patients with fungal keratitis treated at one center during a 6-month period. METHODS Patients(More)
PURPOSE To record the natural history of herpes simplex keratitis and estimate visual impairment in eyes of patients diagnosed with herpes simplex keratitis. MATERIALS This was a retrospective, descriptive case study for five years of the eyes of patients with clinically diagnosed herpes simplex keratitis. These patients had presented to the cornea(More)
A young female presented with haemolytic anaemia due to dapsone overdosage. She developed peripheral neuropathy and marked visual impairment with a cherry red spot on the macula, possibly due to toxic retinal vascular damage; both these resolved in due course. Cherry red spot due to dapsone poisoning has not been reported previously.
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