Kannan Karunakaran

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Water productivity (WP) expresses the value or benefit derived from the use of water. A profound water productivity analysis was carried out at experimental field at Field laboratory, Centre for Water Resources, Anna University, India, for rice crop under different water regimes such as flooded (FL), alternative wet and dry (AWD) and saturated soil culture(More)
The adsorption studies on the removal of Ni(II) from aqueous solution using Ricinus communis seed shells activated carbon and polypyrrole coated Ricinus communis seed shells activated carbon were carried out under various experimental conditions. The effects of various process parameters have been investigated by following the batch adsorption technique.(More)
Mechanistic study on mesotetraphenylporphyriniron(III) chloride (TPP) catalysed oxidation of indole by magnesiummonoperoxyphthalate in aqueous acetonitrile medium have been carried out. The reaction follows a fractional order with respect to substrate and catalyst. The order with respect to oxidant was found to be one. Increase in percentage of acetonitrile(More)
This work describes the quantitative analysis of (NH4)2CO3 and NH4HCO3 using a simple solution phase titration method. Back titration results at various (NH4)2CO3-NH4HCO3 ratios demonstrated that 6:4 ratio caused a 3% error in their differentiation, but very high errors were found at other ratios. A similar trend was observed for the double indicator(More)
Studies with gamma rays, fast neutrons, and EMS treatments in rice showed higher frequency of M1 chlorophyll chimeras in the EMS treatments, a correlation between the frequencies of M1 chlorophyll chimeras and M2 chlorophyll mutants, and a higher M2 mutation frequency in the progeny of chimerical M1 plants compared to those of normal-looking plants. Pokusy(More)
The most fascinating feature of heme-enzymes such as cytochromes P450 is their ability to carry out oxidations with high selectivity. Metalloporphyrin complexes are used as replicate compounds for cytochrome P450. A kinetic analysis has been carried out with the aim of understanding the mechanistic studies on oxidation of anilines by m-chloroperbenzoic acid(More)
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