Kanjirakat Anoop

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An no om ma al lo ou us s S Si iz ze e D De ep pe en nd de en nt t R Rh he eo ol lo og gi ic ca al l B Be eh ha av vi io or r o of f A Al lu um mi in na a B Ba as se ed d N Na an no of fl lu ui id ds s b by y ABSTRACT Rheological characteristics of alumina (Al 2 O 3) nanofluids (NFs) were found to exhibit an unexpected behavior. Two base-fluids viz, water(More)
Colloidal suspensions of nano-sized particles in a base fluid, nanofluids, have recently gained popularity as cooling fluids mainly due to their enhanced heat transfer capabilities. However, there is controversy in the literature on the reported properties of nanofluids and their applicability, especially since there is no fundamental understanding that(More)
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