Kaniska Mallick

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a Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109, United States b Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, LA1 4YQ, United Kingdom c Department of Environmental Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University, Denmark d Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Woodland, CA, United States e Department(More)
Reliable and fine resolution estimates of surface net-radiation are required for estimating latent and sensible heat fluxes between the land surface and the atmosphere. However, currently, fine resolution estimates of net-radiation are not available and consequently it is challenging to develop multi-year estimates of evapotranspiration at scales that can(More)
With a new deprivation (or poverty) function, in this paper, we theoretically study the changes in poverty with respect to the ‘global’ mean and variance of the income distribution using Indian survey data. We show that when the income obeys a lognormal distribution, a rising mean income generally indicates a reduction in poverty while an increase in the(More)
There arc several well-known methods of iron hematoxylin staining of protozoa in smears and tissue sections, viz, Heidenhain's, Mallory's, and Weigert's. In the first two of these methods, the mordant, an iron salt, and the stain hematoxylin, are applied separately; and in Weigert's method, the mordant and the stain are mixed up immediately before staining.(More)
This paper describes the concept of the hyperspectral Earth-observing thermal infrared (TIR) satellite mission HiTeSEM (High-resolution Temperature and Spectral Emissivity Mapping). The scientific goal is to measure specific key variables from the biosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, and geosphere related to two global problems of significant societal(More)
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