Kanishka Srivastava

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We present a novel approach for multilevel modelling and rendering of architectural scenes using a small set of photographs. Our approach is based on interactive probing of intuitive measures like lengths, widths and heights from single view metrology. These measures can then be aggregated with additional input if need be, for defining high-level primitives(More)
In this paper we apply reduced variable neighbourhood search (RVNS) to the page number minimization problem (PNP). In RVNS, random depth first search of the graph is used for placing the vertices on the spine and three edge embedding heuristics are used to distribute the edges on a minimal number of pages. The results show that the algorithm achieves the(More)
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for the edge bisection problem of the graphs is proposed in this paper. The algorithm incorporates the idea of simulated annealing into the selection process of the evolution process. An important feature of this algorithm is that it explores the level structures of the graph to partition its vertex set. Experimental tests on(More)
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