Kaninika Basu

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BACKGROUND Using cyclodextrin with budesonide enables it to be formulated in a solution for nebulization. OBJECTIVE To observe the effects of a Captisol-enabled budesonide solution (CBIS), 60 microg twice daily, delivered via a nebulizer (eFlow), compared with a conventional budesonide suspension (Pulmicort Respules), 250 microg twice daily, delivered via(More)
BACKGROUND On-demand inhaled albuterol is commonly prescribed worldwide. We have shown that the Arg16 allele of the adrenergic beta(2)-receptor agonist gene (ADRB2) predisposes to exacerbations in young asthmatic patients taking regular salmeterol. OBJECTIVE We have now extended our previous population by 636 patients and explored the role of the Arg16(More)
The Arg(16) β(2) receptor genotype confers increased susceptibility to exacerbations in asthmatic children taking regular LABA (long-acting β(2) agonists). We therefore evaluated using montelukast as an alternative to salmeterol as tailored second-line asthma controller therapy in children expressing this susceptible genotype. A total of 62 persistent(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma exacerbations are the commonest cause of medical admissions in childhood. These have a significant effect on quality of life and are a major financial burden on worldwide healthcare services. A range of gene-environment interactions may influence the course and severity of asthma in children and their response to medication. The Chitinase(More)
BACKGROUND The Gly-to-Arg substitution at the 16 position (rs1042713) in the β2-adrenoceptor gene (ADRB2) is associated with enhanced downregulation and uncoupling of β2-receptors. OBJECTIVES We sought to undertake a meta-analysis to test the hypothesis that there is an interaction between the A allele of rs1042713 (Arg16 amino acid) and long-acting(More)
Background and aims: Although clinical response is often variable, salmeterol is at least as effective as montelukast as add-on controller in children with asthma. However, children taking salmeterol, homozygous for the arginine-16 (Arg16) allele of ADRB2, have more frequent asthma exacerbations. We therefore investigated long term asthma control in(More)
BACKGROUND Filaggrin (FLG) null mutations are important genetic predisposing factors for atopic asthma and have recently been shown to influence controller and reliever medication needs in asthmatic children. Our objective was to study the role of FLG null alleles in asthma exacerbations. METHODS FLG mutations R501X and 2282del4 were assayed in 1135(More)
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