Kanimathi Duraisamy

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Efficient analysis of complex networks is often a challenging task due to its large size and the noise inherent in the system. One popular method of overcoming this problem is through graph sampling, that is extracting a representative subgraph from the larger network. The accuracy of the sample is validated by comparing the combinatorial properties of the(More)
A correlation network is a graph-based representation of relationships among genes or gene products, such as proteins. The advent of high-throughput bioinformatics has resulted in the generation of volumes of data that require sophisticated in silico models, such as the correlation network, for in-depth analysis. Each element in our network represents(More)
The availability of biological data in massive scales continues to represent unlimited opportunities as well as great challenges in bioinformatics research. Developing innovative data mining techniques and efficient parallel computational methods to implement them will be crucial in extracting useful knowledge from this raw unprocessed data, such as in(More)
A novel 4-quadrant analog multiplier using Floating Gate MOS (FGMOS) transistors operating in saturation region are implemented. Floating gate MOSFETs are being utilized in a number of new and existing analog applications. These devices are not only useful for designing memory elements but also we can implement circuit elements. The main advantage in FGMOS(More)
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