Kanika Singh Dhull

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Supernumerary tooth is a developmental anomaly and has been argued to arise from multiple etiologies. These teeth may remain embedded in the alveolar bone or can erupt into the oral cavity. They can cause a variety of complications in the develo-ping dentition. Supernumerary teeth can present in various forms and in any region of the mandible or maxilla,(More)
Dental caries is the most prevalent disease in humans, especially during early childhood. The restoration of such an extensive carious lesion should be done properly to reestablish their anatomy and hence their masticatory, phonetic, esthetic and space-maintainer functions in the dental arches. The consequences of premature loss of primary teeth are well(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the load-bearing capacity of fractured incisal edge of maxillary permanent central incisors restored with a nanocomposite and a glass fiber-reinforced nanocomposite. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-six extracted sound maxillary central incisors randomly divided in three groups were used for the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to study the knowledge, attitude and practice of the pediatricians toward infant oral healthcare and the objective was to determine what can improve the knowledge, attitude and practice toward infant oral healthcare. MATERIALS AND METHODS A systematic random survey of pediatricians in Mysore received a questionnaire(More)
Odontogenic carcinoma is rare group of malignant epithelial odontogenic neoplasms with characteristic clinical behavior and histological features, which requires an aggressive surgical approach. The pathogenesis of this rare group remains still controversial and there have been many varied opinions over the classification of this rare group of lesions. As(More)
Children often tend to have the habit of inserting foreign objects in the oral cavity unknowingly for relief of dental pain. Sometimes, children do not reveal to their parents due to fear. These foreign objects may act as a potent source of infection and painful condition. The discovery of foreign bodies in the teeth is a special situation, which is often(More)
Gorlin's syndrome is a rare disorder transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait. It is characterized by multiple disorders involving multiple systems. We present a case of 11-year-old male child presenting with multiple odontogenic keratocyst to the dental clinic. Retrograde diagnosis of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome was made after clinical and radiological(More)
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