Kanika Shakya

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Commonly used conventional antiepileptic drugs for pharmacotherapy in epilepsy are phenytoin, carbamazepine and valproic acid. These drugs have complex pharmacokinetic properties leading to fluctuation in their plasma level at given same therapeutic dose. The present study was done to monitor their plasma levels. A prospective observational study was(More)
Effect of As(III), Cr(VI) and NaCl on plant growth, antioxidant enzymes, SOD, TBRAS, protein, cDNA amplification of key genes of artemisinin pathway and artemisinin biosynthesis have been investigated to explore the actual changes in total herb and artemisinin yield in a crop cycle of Artemisia annua. Enhanced TBARS and SOD activity (4 U mg⁻¹), decreased(More)
Among a cross-sectional sample (stratified by weight and age after birth) of 226 uncomplicated term newborns from the delivery and postnatal wards of a busy government maternity hospital in Kathmandu, the period prevalence of hypoglycaemia (corrected blood glucose of < 2.6 mmol/l) during the first 50 hours after birth was 38 per cent. (This compares with a(More)
INTRODUCTION Corneal edema delays early visual recovery after phacoemulsification surgery in diabetes mellitus. OBJECTIVE To compare corneal edema of eyes in patients with type II diabetes mellitus and in non-diabetics after phacoemusification surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS A hospital-based, retrospective study involving 96 eyes that underwent(More)
  • K N Shakya, R Shrestha, M R Baral
  • Kathmandu University medical journal
  • 2003
OBJECTIVES To analyze the relative frequencies of various epileptic seizures and to study the age at onset of different seizure types in Nepalese children. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Hospital outpatient based in Kathmandu, Nepal, between November 2001 to October 2002. PARTICIPANTS 50 children diagnosed as epilepsy excluding neonatal and febrile(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the salient histological features of prostatic tissues in relation to age and to analyse the co-morbid histopathological changes in benign prostatic hyperplasia. (BPH). DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Histopathology unit of a busy clinical pathological laboratory in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. SUBJECTS 106 prostatic biopsy(More)
UNLABELLED Electroencephalography or EEG is a neurological test that uses an electronic monitoring device to measure and record electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy is defined as a recurrent tendency to unprovoked seizure. About 0.5% to 2% of the population has epilepsy. MATERIAL AND METHODS This is a retrospective study of the first 350 odd cases(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic optic neuropathy is an acute injury of the optic nerve due to trauma. It is an ocular emergency, requiring early treatment though there is no proven standard treatment protocol for the condition. Various studies have shown improvement in vision after intravenous steroids, but not statistically significant. Studies have revealed even(More)
BACKGROUND The His Majesty's Government/Japan International Cooperation Agency Primary Health Care Project began in April 1993 in collaboration with the Saitama Prefectural Government, for the purpose of improving the health status of the people in model districts of the Kingdom of Nepal. Growth monitoring is one of the basic methods that defines the health(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of Ketotifen in asthmatic children and to record its adverse effects, if any. DESIGN Prospective clinical trial. SETTING Pediatric asthma follow up clinic of a teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS 23 asthmatic children between 3 and 15 years; 100% completed the trial on full protocol. INTERVENTIONS Ketotifen 1mg (adjusted(More)