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Reverse engineering digital circuits using functional analysis
We present a set of algorithms for the reverse engineering of digital circuits starting from an unstructured netlist and resulting in a high-level netlist with components such as register files, counters, adders and subtracters. Expand
The computational hardness of pricing compound options
We prove that the problem of pricing an option on a single security with unbounded compounding is PSPACE hard even when the behavior of the underlying security is computationally tractable. Expand
Parametric dependence studies on cracking of clay
We have studied the shrinkage-crack patterns formed in the process of drying of clay/water slurries employing simple laboratory experiments. Both isotropic and directional drying was studied. TheExpand
The first three rungs of the cosmological distance ladder
It is straightforward to determine the size of the Earth and the distance to the Moon without using a telescope. The methods have been known since the third century BCE. However, few astronomers haveExpand
Evaluating India's Debt Sustainability
The world is currently in the throes of a sovereign debt crisis, which in its enormity far surpasses the Latin American crisis, which occurred two decades ago. The developed economies in an attemptExpand
The computational hardness of pricingcompound securities