Kangyi Zhang

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The trend of modern war is an integrated combined operation, and combined operation requires joint support. In order to truly realize the joint, we must research and take good use of the latest technology of communication and information. Combining some technologies like RFID of Internet of Things(IoT), a command and control system of combined operation(More)
NS(Simulator Network) is an object-oriented visual simulator based on large-scale discrete event. It simulates not only the transmission of network data and topology architecture, but also all kinds of IP network circumstance. This paper describes the architecture and characteristics of NS, and also gives the technique and the general process based on NS.(More)
To solve the problem of centralized management in engineering equipment vehicle depot and vehicle out of depot for work, we design an intelligent controller system. The system adopts RFID technique, GPS positioning technique, sensor data acquisition and so on. The application software of the system is based on application software of Linux systems, which(More)
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