Kangwon Kim

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Since the stacking order sensitively affects various physical properties of layered materials, accurate determination of the stacking order is important for studying the basic properties of these materials as well as for device applications. Because 2H-molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is most common in nature, most studies so far have focused on 2H-MoS2.(More)
Raman spectra of few-layer MoSe2 were measured with eight excitation energies. New peaks that appear only near resonance with various exciton states are analyzed, and the modes are assigned. The resonance profiles of the Raman peaks reflect the joint density of states for optical transitions, but the symmetry of the exciton wave functions leads to selective(More)
We report on the thickness-dependent Raman spectroscopy of ultrathin silicon (Si) nanomembranes (NMs) whose thicknesses range from 2 to 18 nm using several excitation energies. We observe that the Raman intensity depends on the thickness and the excitation energy due to the combined effects of interference and resonance from the band-structure modulation.(More)
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