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Following meiosis, plant gametophytes develop through two or three rounds of mitosis. Although the ontogeny of gametophyte development has been defined in Arabidopsis thaliana, the molecular mechanisms regulating mitotic cell cycle progression are not well understood. Here, we report that RING-H2 group F 1a (RHF1a) and RHF2a, two RING-finger E3 ligases,(More)
Nuclear-localized RNA binding proteins are involved in various aspects of RNA metabolism, which in turn modulates gene expression. However, the functions of nuclear-localized RNA binding proteins in plants are poorly understood. Here, we report the functions of two proteins containing RNA recognition motifs, RZ-1B and RZ-1C, in Arabidopsis thaliana. RZ-1B(More)
Jingjing Liu,a Yiyue Zhang,b Genji Qin,a Tomohiko Tsuge,c Norihiro Sakaguchi,d Guo Luo,a Kangtai Sun,a Dongqiao Shi,b Shiori Aki,c Nuoyan Zheng,b Takashi Aoyama,c Atsuhiro Oka,c Weicai Yang,b Masaaki Umeda,d Qi Xie,b Hongya Gu,a,e and Li-Jia Qua,e,1 a National Laboratory for Protein Engineering and Plant Genetic Engineering, Peking-Yale Joint Research(More)
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