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CD177+ neutrophils suppress epithelial cell tumourigenesis in colitis-associated cancer and predict good prognosis in colorectal cancer
Neutrophils are found to be infiltrated in tumour tissues of patients with colitis-associated cancer (CAC) and colorectal cancer (CRC), and CD177 is mainly expressed in neutrophils. In our study,Expand
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Specific immunotherapy in combination with Clostridium butyricum inhibits allergic inflammation in the mouse intestine
The current therapy on allergic inflammation is unsatisfactory. Probiotics improve the immunity in the body. This study aims to test a hypothesis that administration with Clostridium butyricum (C.Expand
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PPP1R12A Copy Number Is Associated with Clinical Outcomes of Stage III CRC Receiving Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy
Aim. To investigate the correlation between PPP1R12A gene copy number and clinical outcomes of oxaliplatin-based regimen in stage III colorectal cancer (CRC). Methods. A total of 139Expand
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Protocadherin γ-A7 is down-regulated in colorectal cancer and associated with the prognosis in patients with wild-type KRAS.
Many clustered protocadherin genes (PCDHs) within chromosome 5q31 are frequently down-regulated in colorectal cancer (CRC) due to the hypermethylation of this region, and some of them have beenExpand
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[Association between RIPK4 relative copy number and prognosis of colorectal cancer patient after oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between receptor-interacting kinase protein 4 (RIPK4) relative copy number (RCN) and prognosis of stage III( colorectal cancer (CRC) patients treated withExpand