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Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
A new image-registration method is presented by integrating the area-based and feature-based methods. The integrated method is characterized by a novel similarity metric based on spatial and mutualExpand
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A multi-type ant colony optimization (MACO) method for optimal land use allocation in large areas
Optimizing land use allocation is a challenging task, as it involves multiple stakeholders with conflicting objectives. In addition, the solution space of the optimization grows exponentially as theExpand
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An improved artificial immune system for seeking the Pareto front of land-use allocation problem in large areas
The Pareto front can provide valuable information on land-use planning decision by revealing the possible trade-offs among multiple, conflicting objectives. However, seeking the Pareto front ofExpand
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Quantifying contributions of natural and anthropogenic dust emission from different climatic regions
Abstract To quantitatively estimate the divergences in the natural and anthropogenic dust emission fluxes among different climatic regions, the total dust emissions at the global scale from 2007 toExpand
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Multi-sensor image registration by combining local self-similarity matching and mutual information
Automatic multi-sensor image registration is a challenging task in remote sensing. Conventional image registration algorithms may not be applicable when common underlying visual features are notExpand
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Estimations of anthropogenic dust emissions at global scale from 2007 to 2010
Dust emissions refer to the spatial displacement of dust particles from wind forcing, which is a key component of dust circulation. It plays an important role in the energy, hydrological, and carbonExpand
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Evaluation of historical and future wetland degradation using remote sensing imagery and land use modeling
In recent decades, rapid urbanization and climate change have led to the degradation of many coastal wetlands, impairing their ecosystem functions and services. However, few studies have analyzed howExpand
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