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Alice wants to join a new social network, and influence its members to adopt a new product or idea. Each person v in the network has a certain threshold t(v) for activation, i.e adoption of the product or idea. If v has at least t(v) activated neighbors, then v will also become activated. If Alice wants to activate the entire social network, whom should she(More)
When we have to process a computationally expensive task at our mobile devices, instead of seeking help from remote clouds, we can pool together a set of nearby mobile devices for resource sharing and collaboration through local communications (aka cloudlet). We present Hermes, a system that accelerates parallelizable task completion via disseminating(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) serves an important role in promoting angiogenesis and tissue regeneration. However, the lack of an effective delivery system that can target this growth factor to the injured site reduces its therapeutic efficacy. Therefore, in the current study, collagen‑binding VEGF was constructed by fusing a collagen‑binding(More)
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