Kangkan Wang

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We present a novel 3D reconstruction approach using a low-cost RGB-D camera such as Microsoft Kinect. Compared with previous methods, our scanning system can work well in challenging cases where there are large repeated textures and significant depth missing problems. For robust registration, we propose to utilize both visual and geometry features and(More)
This paper proposes a new approach for 3D face reconstruction with RGBD images from an inexpensive commodity sensor. The challenges we face are: 1) substantial random noise and corruption are present in low-resolution depth maps; and 2) there is high degree of variability in pose and face expression. We develop a novel two-stage algorithm that effectively(More)
We present a novel templateless approach for nonrigid reconstruction and motion tracking using a single RGB-D camera. Without any template prior, our system achieves accurate reconstruction and tracking for considerably deformable objects. To robustly register the input sequence of partial depth scans with dynamic motion, we propose an efficient(More)
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