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We give the center of the elliptic quantum group in general case. Based on the Dynamic Yang-Baxter Relation and the fusion method, we prove that the center commute with all generators of the elliptic quantum group. Then for a kind of assumed form of these generators, we find that the coefficients of these generators form a new type closed algebra. We also(More)
A general method is proposed for constructing the Bethe ansatz equations of integrable models without U(1) symmetry. As an example, the exact spectrum of the XXZ spin ring with a Möbius-like topological boundary condition is derived by constructing a modified T-Q relation based on the functional connection between the eigenvalues of the transfer matrix and(More)
In this paper, we give the general forms of the minimal L matrix (the elements of the L-matrix are c numbers) associated with the Boltzmann weights of the A 1 n−1 interaction-round-a-face (IRF) model and the minimal representation of the A n−1 series elliptic quantum group given by Felder and Varchenko. The explicit dependence of elements of L-matrices on(More)
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