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A general method is proposed for constructing the Bethe ansatz equations of integrable models without U(1) symmetry. As an example, the exact spectrum of the XXZ spin ring with a Möbius-like topological boundary condition is derived by constructing a modified T-Q relation based on the functional connection between the eigenvalues of the transfer matrix and(More)
In this paper, we give the general forms of the minimal L matrix (the elements of the L-matrix are c numbers) associated with the Boltzmann weights of the A 1 n−1 interaction-round-a-face (IRF) model and the minimal representation of the A n−1 series elliptic quantum group given by Felder and Varchenko. The explicit dependence of elements of L-matrices on(More)
In this paper, we show the integrability of spin-1/2 XXZ Heisenberg chain with two arbitrary spin boundary Impurities. By using the fusion method, we generalize it to the spin-1 XXZ chain. Then the eigenvalues of Hamiltonians of these models are obtained by the means of Bethe ansatz method. 1. Introduction Recently, more and more papers have focused on the(More)
Binding of Zn(2+) to the coordinating supramolecular vesicle based on an aggregation induced emission amphiphile TPE-BPA immediately triggers the formation of charged vesicles. This induces vesicle fission and fluorescence reduction, suggesting a looser molecular packing in the charged vesicle membrane. Since cancer cells are highly charged, this indicates(More)
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