Kanghee Won

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A novel transparent liquid-crystal-based microlens array has been fabricated using an array of vertically aligned multi-wall carbon nanofibers (MWCNFs) on a quartz substrate and its optical characteristics investigated. Electron beam lithography was used for the catalyst patterning on a quartz substrate to grow the MWCNF array of electrodes. The structure(More)
We propose an optical system for synthesizing double-phase complex computer-generated holograms using a phase-only spatial light modulator and a phase grating filter. Two separated areas of the phase-only spatial light modulator are optically superposed by 4-f configuration with an optimally designed grating filter to synthesize arbitrary complex optical(More)
This paper presents experimental optimization of number and geometry of nanotube electrodes in a liquid crystal media from wavefront aberrations for realizing nanophotonic devices. The refractive-index gradient profiles from different nanotube geometries--arrays of one, three, four, and five--were studied along with wavefront aberrations using Zernike(More)
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