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This paper proposes a wafer alignment method using a feedforward neural network (FNN). A wafer is placed on a vacuum table and its misalignment is inspected by a frame grabber. The alignment of the wafer is repeatedly corrected by adjusting its kinematic positions until the misalignment becomes zero. The training set is composed of the misalignment and the(More)
Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) has developed the world's largest above-ground full containment LNG storage tank with a gross capacity of 200,000m 3. The main objective of the development of the large capacity LNG storage tank is to reduce the construction cost and the boil-off gas and use the tank building site more effectively. The large tank was designed(More)
BACKGROUND Controlling the fate of mesenchymal stems cells (MSCs) including proliferation, migration and differentiation has recently been studied by many researchers in the tissue engineering field. Especially, recruitment of stem cells to injury sites is the first and crucial step in tissue regeneration. Although significant progress has been made in the(More)
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