KangHee Lee

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Despite the well-known role of the amygdala in mediating emotional interference during tasks requiring cognitive resources, no definite conclusion has yet been reached regarding the differential roles of functionally and anatomically distinctive subcomponents of the amygdala in such processes. In this study, we examined female participants and attempted to(More)
BACKGROUND Remote ischemic conditioning has been shown to confer myocardial protection. However, there is still no sufficient data on its long-term clinical outcomes. We analyzed the long-term results of the Remote Ischemic Preconditioning and Postconditioning Outcome (RISPO) trial in cardiac surgery patients. METHODS In the RISPO trial, 1280 patients(More)
To compare the effects of water inside on outside of a hollow cylinder of dual cooled fuel rod, a new methodology of modal analysis is suggested and verified by experiments. When mass of water inside and outside the rod is the same, the latter decreases natural frequencies further than the former does. In this paper, we describe the method in detail and(More)
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