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BACKGROUND Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has more concentrated platelets than normal plasma (approximately 150-400×10(3) cell/dL). Platelets excrete several growth factors and cytokines that are associated with the healing and regeneration process. However, even though PRP is widely used, the mechanism or actual effect is presently unclear. Therefore, this(More)
BACKGROUND In Korean women, many of whom have small to moderate-sized breasts, it is difficult to cover a partial breast defect using oncoplastic volume displacement techniques after removal of an adequate volume of tissue during oncologic surgery. In such cases, oncoplastic volume replacement techniques are more useful. METHODS From January 2007 to(More)
UNLABELLED In this report, the authors introduce a rare complication after reduction malarplasty in a 21-year-old male patient. The patient underwent two-jaw surgery and reduction malarplasty at a local plastic surgery clinic in December 2012. He presented with mass-like swelling of the left temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and a clicking sound with jaw(More)
BACKGROUND Amniotic-fluid-derived stem cells and amniocytes have recently been determined to have wound healing effects, but their mechanism is not yet clearly understood. In this study, the effects of amniotic fluid stem cells and amniocytes on wound healing were investigated through animal experiments. METHODS On the back of Sprague-Dawley rats, four(More)
BACKGROUND Mandibular angle reduction surgery is widely used for aesthetic purposes. Because inferior alveolar nerve injury is a common complication of this surgery, the anatomical location of this nerve must be known before surgery. This study investigated the relative location of the inferior alveolar nerve in mesofacial and brachyfacial groups. METHODS(More)
Inadvertent retention of surgical gauze during an operation can have disastrous consequences for both the patient and the surgeon. Several cases have been reported, particularly after abdominal surgery. However, it has never to our knowledge been reported as a leading cause of dysfunction of the Eustachian tube after orthognathic surgery. We recently(More)
BACKGROUND Breast-conserving surgery is widely accepted as an appropriate method in breast cancer, and the lateral thoracodorsal flap provides a simple, reliable technique, especially when a mass is located in the lateral breast. This study describes the usefulness of a lateral thoracodorsal flap after breast conserving surgery in laterally located breast(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted this study to analyze the values of the key cephalometric angular measurements of the mandible using 3-dimensional (3D) computed tomography scans. METHODS In the 106 enrolled patients, a 3D cephalometric analysis was performed to measure the angular variables of the mandible. These values were compared between the two sides and(More)
BACKGROUND Palatoplasty is aimed to achieve normal speech, improve food intake, and ensure successful maxillary growth. However, the velopharyngeal function is harder to control than other functions. Therefore, many studies on the prognostic factor of velopharyngeal insufficiency have been conducted. This study aimed to evaluate the relationships between(More)