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Metabolic markers are the core of metabonomic surveys. Hence selection of differential metabolites is of great importance for either biological or clinical purpose. Here, a feature selection method was developed for complex metabonomic data set. As an effective tool for metabonomics data analysis, support vector machine (SVM) was employed as the basic(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the characteristics, treatment and outcome of patients with crush syndrome caused by prolonged limb compression longer than 24 h in the Sichuan earthquake. METHODS Following the Sichuan earthquake, 2728 patients were transferred to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and 157 of those were admitted to the intensive care unit.(More)
For increasing the classification accuracy of chest DR images between normal and lesion images, and improving the deficiencies of poor generalization ability of traditional statistical theory, a kind of medical image classification method adapting small samples was proposed. In order to get the decision-making function, SVM classifier was applied to study(More)
  • Kang Yan
  • 2007 Second International Conference on Bio…
  • 2007
At present, the application of neural network technology in our country's bank loan risk evaluation is very limited. The reason lies in the difficulty to find high quality training samples for neural network self-learning. Therefore, we adopt uniform design method (UDM) to design representative, uniformity and large-scale samples. And then we use those(More)
Topic Similarity Computation Model is a research hotspot in fields of information retrieval and text classification, etc. From the view of information granularity, this paper integrates traditional content topic identification with event topic identification, and presents a new topic similarity computation model, i.e., first carrying out content(More)
The CPU–GPU communication bottleneck limits the performance improvement of GPU applications in heterogeneous GPGPU systems and usually is handled by data reuse optimization. This paper analyzes data reuse through DAG abstraction and obtains rules showing that the run-time data reuse optimization can effectively relieve the bottleneck. Based on the rules,(More)
Evaluation of customer-oriented service quality (ECSQ) is an important practical measure to increase enterprises' competition capacity. In this article, a performance evaluation indexes system is established. UDM and fussy-mathematics are used to generate enough samples to train self-adaptive RBFNN. The instances of applying RBFNN to do ECSQ shows that its(More)