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Micro Inertial Measurement Unit (MIMU) has given Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) a widely application respective. In this paper, we study the application of MIMUl magnetometer integrated system on the attitude determination of micro satellite. Based on the principle of MIMU and the` measurement of magnetometer, MIMU/magnetometer system is integrated.(More)
As an important wide band-gap II-VI semiconductor, ZnSe has attracted much attention for its various applications in photo-electronic devices such as blue light-emitting diodes and blue-green diode lasers. Mn-doped ZnSe is an excellent quantum dot material. The electronic structures of the sphalerite ZnSe and ZnSe:Mn were calculated using the Vienna ab(More)
This paper explores the satellite shield attitude planning for low observable satellites equipped with signature suppression shields. The on-orbit satellite's operational effectiveness and survivability are coupled with its radar cross section (RCS) and laser cross section (LCS) in threat directions, which are determined by the shield's attitude. This paper(More)
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