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Previous study showed that some Gram-negative bacteria possess human blood group activity. Among them, Escherichia coli O86 has high blood group B activity and weak blood group A activity. This is due to the cell surface O-antigen structure, which resembles that of human blood group B antigen. In this study, we sequenced the entire E. coli O86 antigen gene(More)
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are divided into two classes based on both functional and structural criteria. Distinctions between the classes have heretofore been based on general features, such as the position of aminoacylation on the 3'-terminal tRNA ribose, and the topology and tRNA-binding orientation of the active-site protein fold. Here we show instead(More)
The lipopolysaccharide of capsule-deficient Haemophilus infuenzae strain Rd contains an N-acetylgalactosamine residue attached to the terminal globotriose moiety in the Hex5 glycoform. Genome analysis identified an open reading frame, HI1578, referred to as LgtD, whose amino acid sequence shows a significant level of similarity to those of a number of(More)
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