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Many researchers have studied iris recognition techniques in unconstrained environments, where the probability of acquiring non-ideal iris images is very high due to off-angles, noise, blurring and occlusion by eyelashes, eyelids, glasses, and hair. Although there have been many iris segmentation methods, most focus primarily on the accurate detection with(More)
In the field of biometrics, it has been reported that iris recognition techniques have shown high levels of accuracy because unique patterns of the human iris, which has very many degrees of freedom, are used. However, because conventional iris cameras have small depth-of-field (DOF) areas, input iris images can easily be blurred, which can lead to lower(More)
Keywords: Age estimation Hybrid features Hierarchical classifier Gabor filter Local binary pattern (LBP) a b s t r a c t The research related to age estimation using face images has become increasingly important, due to the fact it has a variety of potentially useful applications. An age estimation system is generally composed of aging feature extraction(More)
This paper presents a 3D face reconstruction method using multiple 2D face images. Structure from motion (SfM) methods, which have been widely used to reconstruct 3D faces, are vulnerable to point correspondence errors caused by self-occlusion. In order to solve this problem, we propose a shape conversion matrix (SCM) which estimates the ground-truth 2D(More)