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BACKGROUND Most published studies have shown lower prevalence rates of Parkinson's disease (PD) in Asian and black African than in Western countries, leading to the hypothesis that Asians and blacks might be protected from PD. OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of PD in a Chinese population. DESIGN Community-based survey. SETTING Registered(More)
This work investigates the charge transfer and A1 (Ga) p-Ni d hybridization effects in the intermetallic Ni3Al (Ni3Ga) alloy using the Ni L3~and K-edge and Al (Ga) K x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) measurements. We find that the intensity of white-line features at the Ni L3~-edge in the Ni3Al (Ni3Ga) alloy decreased in comparison with that of(More)
Bajiaolian (Dysosma pleianthum), one species in the Mayapple family, has been widely used as a general remedy and for the treatment of snake bite, weakness, condyloma accuminata, lymphadenopathy and tumours in China for thousands of years. However, the textbooks of traditional Chinese medicine mention little about the toxicity of Bajiaolian. Within 1 year,(More)
We investigated autonomic function in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (PD) by measuring sympathetic skin response (SSR) and R-R interval variation (RRIV). Sixty-two PD patients and 62 age-matched normal subjects were recruited. Abnormal SSR was noted in nine (14.5%) PD patients, including three in Stage II, three in Stage III, and three in(More)
A door-to-door survey by neurologists in Kin-Hu township, Republic of China, of a sample of the Chinese population of 683 persons aged 50 years and over was performed in August, 1992. A total of 482 subjects (70.6%) completed the study. Kin-Hu, a township of Kinmen, is predominantly rural with agriculture as the main occupation. Six subjects (5 men, 1(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of headaches in a Chinese elderly population. BACKGROUND There are few headache surveys in the elderly. Previous studies have shown a low headache prevalence in Chinese. METHODS TARGET POPULATION eligible registered residents > or = 65 years old (N = 2,003) in two townships of Kinmen Island on August 1, 1993.(More)
PURPOSE Demonstrate the path integration of a four-dimensional (4-D) dose distribution onto the 3-D anatomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A computer-generated 4-D thoracic phantom with a lung tumour was constructed. Eight respiratory phases were generated. A radiotherapy treatment plan was applied to all the phases resulting in a 4-D dose distribution. An(More)
From July 1988 to June 1989, the etiology was registered of 520 patients with generalized neuropathy in 5 neurological centers in Taiwan. The neuropathy was diabetic in 256 cases (49.23%), alcoholic in 45 (8.65%), inflammatory in 34 (6.53%; including 21 with acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, 12 with chronic inflammatory demyelinating(More)
OBJECTIVES To characterize the clinical and cellular phenotypes of a novel MPZ mutation identified in a Chinese family with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease type 1B. METHODS The family was evaluated clinically, electrophysiologically, pathologically, and genetically. The wild-type and mutant P(0) fused with fluorescent proteins were expressed in vitro to(More)