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High-speed graphene transistors with a self-aligned nanowire gate
On-chip microwave measurements demonstrate that the self-aligned graphene transistors have a high intrinsic cut-off (transit) frequency of fT = 100–300 GHz, with the extrinsic fT largely limited by parasitic pad capacitance.
Significant decrease of the lattice thermal conductivity due to phonon confinement in a free-standing semiconductor quantum well
Lattice thermal conductivity of a quantum well limited by umklapp, impurity, and boundary scattering was investigated theoretically by taking into account dispersion of confined acoustic-phonon
A chemical route to graphene for device applications.
Electric conductivity measurements indicate a 10000-fold increase in conductivity after chemical reduction to graphene, and temperature-dependent conductivity indicates that the graphene-like sheets exhibit semiconducting behavior.
Magnetization switching through giant spin-orbit torque in a magnetically doped topological insulator heterostructure.
The giant SOT and efficient current-induced magnetization switching exhibited by the bilayer heterostructure may lead to innovative spintronics applications such as ultralow power dissipation memory and logic devices.
Non-volatile magnonic logic circuits engineering
We propose a concept of magnetic logic circuits engineering, which takes an advantage of magnetization as a computational state variable and exploits spin waves for information transmission. The
Direct observation of the skyrmion Hall effect
Experiments show that when driven by electric currents, magnetic skyrmions experience transverse motion due to their topological charge — similar to the conventional Hall effect experienced by
Low-power non-volatile spintronic memory: STT-RAM and beyond
The quest for novel low-dissipation devices is one of the most critical for the future of semiconductor technology and nano-systems. The development of a low-power, universal memory will enable a new
Graphene flash memory.
Graphene flash memory has the potential to exceed the performance of current flash memory technology by utilizing the intrinsic properties of graphene, such as high density of states, high work function, and low dimensionality.
Blowing magnetic skyrmion bubbles
A phase diagram for skyrmion formation is determined and the efficient manipulation of these dynamically created skyrMions, including depinning and motion, are revealed, which could lead to progress in sk Kyrmion-based spintronics.
Effect of phonon confinement on the thermoelectric figure of merit of quantum wells
Recently, it has been shown that the thermoelectric figure of merit is strongly enhanced in quantum wells and superlattices due to two-dimensional carrier confinement. We predict that the figure of