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—In a heterogeneous wireless network, different wireless access technologies with different operating parameters coexists in an overlay fashion. These wireless networks are deployed in order to provide different type of services to Mobile Stations (MSs) equipped with multiple interfaces, based on the principle of Always Best Connected (ABC) network. In such(More)
A new watermarking scheme having the ability of sharing secret with multi-users is proposed. It splits the original watermark into two shares and embeds one share into the cover image to increase the security. A polarization procedure is performed to establish a polarity stream from the cover image. The second share and the polarity stream are used to(More)
Global roaming and high-quality wireless communication, is now becoming a reality. This is mainly due to recent technological advances in wireless communications which consist of a wide range of technologies and applications to fulfill the particular needs of end-users in different deployment scenarios (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G/4G cellular systems).(More)
Current smart power grids have communication infrastructure to improve efficiency, reliability and sustainability of supply. However, their open communication architecture makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks with potentially catastrophic consequences. In this paper, we propose a new model of time-delay switch (TDS) attack by introducing different time(More)
A heterogeneous wireless network is characterized by the presence of different wireless access technologies that coexist in an overlay fashion. These wireless access technologies usually differ in terms of their operating parameters. On the other hand, Mobile Stations (MSs) in a heterogeneous wireless network are equipped with multiple interfaces to access(More)
Keywords: WLAN WMAN WWAN Network access selection Vertical handoff Heterogeneous networks FVIKOR a b s t r a c t In a highly integrated ubiquitous wireless environment, the selection of a network that can fulfill end-users' service requests while keeping their overall satisfaction at a high level, is vital. The wrong selection can lead to undesirable(More)